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When We are young, we are full of life and we learn to travel unknown land, It depends on the attitude of the teachers, principals and management of the schools & colleges to keep alive the torch of life in this youth or not. They can inspire that pupil to be a source of inspiration on their own. They can bring out the potentiality from them. The students need a kind direction to curve a path towards future.

How is this possible? The routine time table or the curriculum can not enkindle self confidence in a student. The school has to plan out various as well as constant programmes to feed the individual talent.

Shree Kadvibai Virani Kanya Vidyalaya Constitutes a student’s club which consists the two students from each class representing the mass. This club elects general secretary who actively plan the extra-curricular programmers with the help of the teacher in charge appointed by the principal. Sarojben Anjariya & Urmilaben Desai fairly carried out their duty for so many years and now I am following the same path for the last few years. A meeting of these representatives is held every 15th day and the tasks are planned and devided as per the age and talent of these members.

The programmers can be classified as under:-

1.   The life of a great person

2.   Celebration of social,religious festivals

3.   Activities related to the students talents

4.   Natural tours,picnics,Educational or adventures tours

5.   Developing aesthetic sense

6.   Survey

7.   Helping needy class of the society

8.   Socially useful productive work

9.   Annual Programmers

10.        Detailed Studious Exhibitions on very large scale

This is a general classification apart from those, a number of other activities are also carried out, and Vidyalaya is the synonyms to the co-curricular activities covering the students’ from K.G. to higher secondary.

Russo, Acharya Rajneeshiji and J.Kridhnamurti are of opinion that the children should not study the lives of other persons, but we firmly believe that if mahatma Gandhiji can be inspired to follow truth from life of king Harishchandra, who we are not to follow the great personalities?

We can get at least one or two hints from their lives.

The National Leader like Lokmanya Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhale , Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Saradar Vallabh bhai Patel etc.

The great persons like Tagore Maharshi Arivindo and Vinobaji etc.

The great artists, Poets, Authors, Scientists and Adventures.

Shree Krishna, Shree Ram, Bhagwan Mahavir, Bhagwan Budhda, Mohamad Paigambar Saheb etc.

Every year 5 or 6 personalities can be remembered through different celebrations.

Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Aurobindo and Shree Krishna can be celebrated for a week too. Each and every factor of their life is brought out through a deep study of their life and work by each class.

For Example - The celebration of Gandhi-week.

1.   Elocution Competition on the life of Gandhi

2.   Gandhi-Songs

3.   Recitation of the poems n Gandhi

4.   Essays on Gandhi’s Philosophy

5.   Dramatization of various incidents from-Gandhiji’s life

6.   Gandhiji  and student life.

7.   What do I found from Gandhi book Exhibition?

8.   Drawing competition on Gandhi

9.   Exhibition on Gandhi literature

Thus, the whole week is full of the spirit of Gandhi. A Gandhi follower could be invited for a lecture, mass cleanliness programmers also organized,

In short, children learn the ideal teaching, elders cherish the sweet memories and teacher get a golden opportunity to strengthen their moral sense. For the first 20 years everybody possessed a wheel of Gandhi and the weaving competitions were also held each year.

The Krishna darshan were also arranged very interestingly. The recitation of the slokas of Bhagavad Geeta by the small children would teach the hearts of all. Surdas,  Meera and Narasingh Mehta were sung as well through the singing of the devotational songs of lord Krishna.

Thus, janmashtami is no more a visit to a  fair or eat, drink and be merry or gambling in the name of Lord Krishna, but a meaningful celebration to know him very closely.

Celebration of National Social religious festivals.

Flag Hosting on the 15th. August and 26th January followed by sports-meet and many a time visits to an orphanage, the home for students to develop Sympathetic attitude for them.

Raxabandhan Celedration has a special importance in hosteliers. They prepare self made belts and tie on not only one another hands but visit the school for the blind, handicapped and mentally retired children to share the emotions with them.

Unique students methods

Once the students association demanded to study on their own. The teacher in charge immediately accepted and granted a week for that. The principals in true sense are the achryas encouraged this though it is difficult practically as the school has to avoid time-table teacher’s direct teachings and constant use of library and laboratory without time-limit.Fortunately a chain of principals includes such enthusiastic  personalities like shree Shubhadraben, shree leelaben, Shree Sarojben, Shree Charuben, Shree Urmilaben, Shree Hemlataben, Shree Sonalben…..Who always allowed how  experiments at any cost.

Project method





Each methods resulted in a grand exhibition what should be the benefits for the students?

The use of reference materials

Mass activities leading towards the mature mutual relationship

Self-introduction, self-expression

Different talents are brought to light-a singer ,a painter, an operator, a skilled craftsman, a leader, a poet, a writer etc.

This process is not restricted to a particular period of time, it is constant. Very often such activities are resulted in a very important counseling of the problematic children who are found automatically during the process.

(4) Challenging Tasks

Apart from the exam-oriented activities the students are always allotted with a number of other challenging tasks which can bring out their hidden talents leading them to develop al-round personality in their team-age.

·        Competitions on

-          singing, Playing instruments, dancing, Drama.

-          Reading, writing, elowlion,

-          Craft, Drawing, decorative art.

-          Sawing & embroidery

-          Cooking

-          Games-

-          Gymnastics

-          Athletics

-          Relay-race

-          Calisthenics

All these competitions give opportunity to know the students individually and develop sportsman spirit in them.

·        Nature Observation & Tours.

Bird-watching: - Out-skirts areas like Lalpari & Aji Dam-Sight are visited by flamingos and pelicans every winter. The students visit these places regularly to watch different type of birds and are taught to read the books on the hat are.

·        Sky-observation

Initiated by Shree Manglaben Joshi & Urmiben Giya and followed by other Teachers this activity has been carried out regularly till today The Telescope is arranged on the terrace of the schools where a group of students keep awake through whole hight to watch the stars under the expert guidance.

·        Nature – Camp.

Towrs organized by Gir-foundation visits to a marine-park like Narra island etc.

·        Picnic :-

The senior students of 10th and 12th enjoy a picnic for a day before theis farewell from the schools at a beautiful spot nearby the city.

·        Long tours.

Within the boundary-line of Gujara, Neighboring states like Rajsthan or Remote place like Ajanta Ilora, U.P Kashmir and Even Nepal With Passport.

Every alternate year either a long-distance tour or a large-scale cultural programme with classical Drama was the customer of this school for the first 30 years. Every four included mountains, rivers, lakes, sea-shores, educational intuitions, Temple, big projects and large – scale industries.

Developing aesthetic sense.

-              Daily decoration of prayer hall with rangoli, lamp etc.

-              Melodious hymns accompanied by musical instruments.

-              Interesting and meaningful reading, expressing good thoughts

-              Decorating each place- gate, roads curves of entrance, pillars, steps, prayer hall, dinner hall etc. at the arrival of any guest. “Eve low to serve the recipes” is also the pare of the training in this institutions, The are and articles to express this art are the specialties of this school for the last sixty years and a girl after completing her education leaves this institution with a well-developed aesthetic sense with her.

-              Development of self-Discipline.

-              Constant Recreating activities prevent the children from crating indispline. Even though students’ association takes care in association takes care in creating fields :-

-              Listing lale – cowers

-              Maintaining cleanliness

-              Checking Uniforms, shoes, I-Cards.

-              Preventing the students from indulging in copy at the time of Exam.

·        Prize- Distribution ceremony

·        The first five students of each standard are gifted with a certificate and books. The winners of various competitions are also given certificates. There are many medals for excellence in study and good-conduct sponsored by the trustees or other donors.

(1)       Subhadrabad shroff good conduct medal (for School)

(2)       Subhadrabad shroff good conduct medal (for hostel)

(3)       Sumatiben Vaidya Sports Medal -1

(4)       Sumatiben Vaidya Sports Medal -2

(5)       Sarlaben Patel good conduct medal -1

(6)       Sarlaben Patel good conduct medal -2

(7)       Smt Shardaben B. Desai medal for the first rank in S.S.C. Board.

(8)       Smt Shardaben B. Desai medal for the first rank in H.S.C. Home Science stream.

(9)       Shree Pranbhai Joshi cash-prize for the student which gets maximum prizes.

(10)    Smt. Geetabe Kotak cash-prizes for Pre P.T.C. Rankers.

(11)    Smitaben Ahjaria medal-for art.

Many more medals are being added every years.

This ceremony included the activities like listing the rankers, selecting books, hamming and labeling, painting beautiful designs on the first page, wrapping them in bunch, inviting chief guests, decorating hall, writing certificates, preparing prayers etc. Each department including arts and home-science and all the teachers and students with special qualifications like good handwriting, good drawing, good musical sense & Knowledge of music are also involved in this ceremony

·        Farewell Party.

There are three phases of this party-Party, cultural progrmme and convocation speech.

Party :- Within the Limit of Government grant, the students of 11th standard & the teachers prepare simple and tasty dish to serve the students from standard 8th to 12th The Students take their place in a specially designed central ground and enjoy the party in a very intimate emotional atmospheres This is followed by a very well-organized cultural programme. The convocation speech is the main and most important part of this programme which is full at tips, fillings, promises and blessings for the girls for this bright future.

·        Writing Activities.

-      Preparing Projects on writing poems, short-stories, dialogues in Hindi and Gujarati.

-      Hand-writer magazines on various themes & persons e.g. Nehru, Gandhi, Dhebarbhai etc.

-      Collection of matter, arrangement of chapters, artistic front page, presenting every detail, deciding the design and title and headings etc. Provides a great opportunity to nurture a number of skills to the students and teachers.

·        Surveys.

As a part of different subjects or project-work the students and the teachers are always engaged in surveys. Visiting please and persons, preparing questioners, observing the situations, hosting the important points, analyzing the matter and preparing a report - all this factors carried out in a proper way. It may be a NSS camp or Entrepreneur Survey of Home – science, parents’ status & education or the students’ social, economic conditions.

·        Social Work

At the time of natural calamities the institution has always extended a helping hand by preparing food-packets, collecting grain and clothes or creating a fund by the selling of articles of craft, khadi or paintings. The task many be a small one but it always helps us to make our students emotionally equipped towards the socially and be a responsible citizen of our country.

·        Useful productive work (SOPW)

-      Keeping the hotel & school clean, helping daily household work like cooking, cutting vegetables, preparing chapattis and pickles. Even they prepare soaps, creams, oil, candles and detergent powder. Or catable bakery items like biscuits, and nan-khatai etc.

·        Large scale cultural Programs.

·        In 1946 where the institution was founded with the strength of so students, “Sharadotsava” has been a part of it. The village girls of saurashtra staged classical dance, dance-drama, folk-dance, drama, mono-acting etc. It created a special image of the cultural programmes of Vidyalaye among the public Dresses and ornaments, masks, curtains & other properties were prepared by a team of students and teacher at a very low cost.

The songs selected for the dance or dance-drama belonged to the best literary creation of the best authors, They were tuned in new sweet melodies keeping the basic traditional factor in mind Shre Leenaben Sheth, Shree Bhalachandrabhai Bhatt, Shree Urvishaben Maheta Are tha best dancers who choreographed the dance-dramas and sweet melodious voices are an endless list. Smt. Vijayben Gandhi Shree Amubhai Doshi, Shree Padganvker, and the staff members like Kalyanbhai Rathod, Sureshbhai Varsur, and the students like ku.Asmita Joshi, Jayashree Gajjar, Utpal Jaduani, Nina Dave, Pallavi Maheta, Harshad Chhage and so on.

The maximum students were engaged in a various activities related to this programmes which trained thaw in al-round skills to carry out such public function. Thoroughly. The class-room teaching those expanded on a large practical scale always gave an excellent educational atmosphere to routine study.

·        Large Scale Exhibition.

Small Scale Exhibitions like projects, charts, craft, flower-arrangements, Wall-piece, rangoli, Special preserved recipes etc. pre a common event in this institution. But Large Scale Exhibition is a Specialty, too. The big Size of 10’-10’ frames and charts covering all the eight verandas were prepared on which a number of students and teachers worked round the clock.

+Gandhiji & Satyagraha-1948

+Revolt of 1857

A red fort was built covering the fall length of prayer hall with 100 sq.feet charts for all the verandas. The wood-cut-out of Queea Laxmibai on the stage inspired the girls to be brave.

+ Exhibition for – defense (1962) at the time of India china war Himalaye took shape on the stage with the wood-out-out of Lord Buddha.

-Gandhi Shatabdi (1969)

-Celebration year for handicapped exhibited the children with all types of impaired organs with a portrait of Helea Keler on the stage.

-Exhibition on “Do or Die Movement” – (1992)

This large scale exhibitions included Drawing teachers and a number of students in all types of work-painting, coloring, writing, arranging chats for one and a half’ months round-the clock of course, with the total involvement of the management.

Don’t think that the curriculum is neglected behind such activities class-room teachings of History, Geography, Science, Math’s and Languages plus four stream-arts, commerce, science and Home science-in Higher secondary has the chief importance. The co-curriculum activities are only the best substitution all activities which strengthen the class-400w teaching like Chatney-Pickles that betters the taste of Main Dish

It is rightly said-

“A person who does not use one’s talent is a blind-follower, who does not know how to use it is stupid and who does not show courage to use is a slave”

Hemlataben Rupani


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